1953 Ford Prefect E493A

Sold: £3,080

Manufacturer:  Ford
First Registered:  1953
Model:  Prefect E493A
Registration No:  NXM 129
Mileometer:  86,744
Chassis No:  717838
MOT:  January 2018
Colour:  Fawn

Post war, the Prefect design changed little until replaced in 1952. The headlamps moved into the wings and trafficators were fitted (internally lit semaphores springing out from the door pillars to signal left and right turns), though due to space restrictions these were left out on the Australian-built Ute. Only four-door saloons were available on the home market, the two-door sector being left to the Anglia but some were made for export. The brakes remained mechanically operated using the Girling rod system with 10 in drums and the chassis still had transverse leaf springs front and rear.

A Prefect tested by the British magazine The Motor in 1948 had a top speed of 61 mph and could accelerate from 0-50 mph in 22.8 seconds. A fuel consumption of 33.2 miles per imperial gallon was recorded. The test car which had the optional leather upholstery cost £412 including taxes. In standard form, they commented that it was the cheapest 4-door car on the British market. 192,229 were made.

The car offered here is described be the vendor to be in good condition but needing some work to bring up to top condition. The drivers seat is saggy and leather stitching breaking in places, Headlining is marked and there is a rust hole at the bottom of the passenger door frame. The car was originally registered in the U.K. as NXM 129, but then taken to Holland and recently returned to the UK. New MOT obtained valid 4th Jan 2018. The car is said to run very well with no known issues. A new 6 volt battery has recently been fitted. The NOVA has been applied for, and the car will be registered with the DVLA..


Note: This description is provided by the vendor and unless otherwise stated is 'Not Verified' by Barons or any person employed by Barons. Prospective purchasers are advised to satisfy themselves as to the accuracy of any statements made, whether they be statements of fact or opinion.

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