1923 Levis 211cc Two Stroke

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Manufacturer:  Levis
First Registered:  1975
Model:  211cc Two Stroke
Registration No:  FAO 154N
Mileometer:  N/A
Chassis No:  3617
MOT:  Not required
Colour:  Black

Manufactured by Butterfields Ltd of Birmingham, England. Levis motorcycles were for many years one of England’s leading marques of two-stroke motorcycle. Their two-stroke machines were built from 1911. The first Levis was made in the Norton works by designer Howard (Bob) Newey, but James Norton turned it down. Newey then joined with the Butterfields, Arthur and Billy, and sister Daisy, to set up a motorcycle company (Newey later married Daisy). The word Levis comes from a latin word meaning light. The manufacturer found solid success in the lightweight class of motorcycles.

The Levis became popular for a number of reasons. First, they were light enough so they were manageable, but still had a large enough engine and sufficient enough power to carry a passenger without pedaling. Next, they were designed well so they were reliable, required a comparatively low amount of maintenance, and were easy enough for a novice to operate.
In 1916 the 211 cc vertical two-stroke engine produced 3 hp (2.2 kW). An enclosed chain from the crankshaft drove the Fellows magneto and drive to the rear wheel was by Pedley ‘Vee’ belt. The machine weighed approximately 120 lb (54 kg).

Their first racing success was in the Lightweight 250 class within the 1920 Isle of Man TT Junior race with a 247 cc machine, repeated in the 1922 TT Lightweight race. They then adopted the slogan, “The Master Two Stroke”.

This stunning early example has benefitted from a complete restoration some years ago, but with infrequent use in recent years and being dry stored, it still looks fantastic today. The bodywork is gleaming black with finely pinstriped details to the tank. All metalwork polishes up nicely. This example is one of Levis' first models with a capacity of 211cc, and has the optional gearbox for improved usability. The motorcycle is believed to have been built in 1923 but is currently registerd as 1975 on the V5.

There are period lamps front and back, a beautiful brown leather seat with matching saddle bag for storage in the rear. The engine turns over fine with good compression, all gears select as you would expect. However, the tyres could do with replacing due to long term storage.

With the recent (2017) revival of the dynamic British motorcycle company Levis and some amazing upcoming new models in the pipeline there is sure to be an even greater following for the early examples such as the one offered here. A stunning example of early British two wheeled engineering.

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