1978 Lotus Elite

Sold: £11,220

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Manufacturer:  Lotus
First Registered:  1978
Model:  Elite
Registration No:  VPK 110S
Mileometer:  87,904
Chassis No:  7804/1196A
MOT:  July 2019
Colour:  Silver

From 1974 to 1982, Lotus produced the four-seat Type 75 and later Type 83 Elite. Lotus was trying to position itself upmarket and move away from its kit-car past. The Elite was announced in May 1974.

The Elite was configured as a small Estate Car with a glass rear hatch opening into the luggage compartment. It wasfront engined with rear wheel drive The Elite's fibreglass bodyshell was mounted on a steel backbone chassis evolved from the Elan and Europa, and it had 4-wheel independent suspension using coil springs. The Elite was Lotus' first car to use the 907 4 valve DOHC four-cylinder engine that displaced 1,973 cc and developed 155 hp. The 907 engine ultimately became the foundation for the 2.0 L and 2.2 L Lotuspower-plants, the naturally aspirated 912 and the turbocharged 910. The Elite was fitted with a 4 or 5-speed gearbox. Beginning in January 1976 an automatic transmission was optional.

The Elite had a claimed drag co-efficient of 0.30 and at the time of launch it was the world's most expensive four-cylinder car. The Elite's striking shape was designed by Oliver Winterbottom, and he is quoted as saying that the basic chassis and suspension layout were designed by Colin Chapman, making the Elite and its sister design the Eclat the last Lotus road cars to have significant design input from Chapman himself.

We are told that this Lotus Elite is in superb mechanical condition, with very good bodywork. It has been dry stored for last 20 years, and owned and maintained by the Parker family of RVJ Racing, It has recently been acquired by the current owner. Everything on the car is said to work, and there are newly fitted brake shoes on the rear. Changed from auto gearbox to manual around 10 years ago.
Extensive photograph collection of the vehicle showing engine, suspension and interior. A workshop manual is included, and a buyer or collector with a trained eye will see how beautifully maintained this vehicle is.

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