1968 Morris Minor Ex Scotland Yard Panda Police Car

Sold: £5,500

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Manufacturer:  Morris
First Registered:  1968
Model:  Minor Ex Scotland Yard Panda Police Car
Registration No:  SYT 772F
Mileometer:  82,000
Chassis No:  MA2551212853M
MOT:  Not required
Colour:  Blue and White

The Morris Minor debuted at the Earls Court Motor Show, London, on 20 September 1948. Designed under the leadership of Alec Issigonis, more than 1.3 million were manufactured between 1948 and 1972 in three series: the MM (1948 to 1953), the Series II (1952 to 1956) and finally the 1000 series (1956 to 1971).

Initially available as a two-door saloon and convertible, the range was expanded to include a four-door saloon in 1950, a wood-framed estate, the Traveller from October 1953 and panel van and pick-up truck variants from May 1953. It was the first British car to sell over one million units and is considered a classic example of automotive design, as well as typifying "Englishness".

SYT 772F (or ‘Bobby’ as this car is affectionately known) was introduced into the London Metropolitan Police vehicle fleet in July 1968.  It was used for routine police patrols until 1977 when it was decommissioned and bought by a private purchaser from Hampshire.

It is no less than a deluxe model. Not only distinctive because of the police livery, it is in very good condition. The vehicle has been treated to a bare shell restoration in the recent past, the details for which are provided along with a vast amount of paperwork kept in chronological order by the previous owners. It has a linen look headliner allowing access to mount the detachable police roof box, to give the new owner the opportunity to mount it with magnets if preferred.

The 1098cc engine runs smoothly and the car drives well. It has recently been driven from Southampton to Worcestershire, and in August was used as the official bridal car at a wedding. Regrettably, loss of garage space is forcing a reluctant sale.

The current owner has repaired superficial rust marks on the wheels and radiator grille and has resprayed both in their original colour of Old English White.  ‘Bobby’ comes complete with two unused spray cans of Bermuda Blue and Glacier White paint, which can be used by the new owner to tidy up the small areas of bodywork that require attention.

The history file includes a list of all previous owners' names and the time they kept the vehicle.  With a heritage certificate included as proof of its provenance, and a double-sided laminated sheet that describes the origins of the ‘panda’ car and how its unusual name came about, ‘Bobby’ is certainly a Morris Minor that will turn heads and stand out from the crowd.

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