1991 Peugeot 309 GTi with only 131 miles

Sold: £14,520

Vendor Rating: 
Manufacturer:  Peugeot
First Registered:  1991
Model:  309 GTi with only 131 miles
Registration No:  H107 JPM
Mileometer:  000131
Chassis No:  VF33AD6B210281718
MOT:  None
Colour:  Red

The summer of 1989 saw the introduction of the Phase 2 Peugeot 309. It revised the design of the rear, lowering the boot lip, changing the rear lights to a more 'smoked style' and making slight alterations to the front radiator grille. Also, an updated interior was required to address severe criticisms leveled at the Phase 1's, Talbot designed multi piece dashboard which was prone to developing squeaks and rattles. The GTi models received a colour coded one piece rear spoiler as opposed to the Phase 1's outdated rubber spoiler which, by then, harked back to early 1980s design. 

Quite importantly a modified gearbox called 'BE3' was introduced, this was also when Peugeot gradually phased in their, all new, belt driven TU-Series overhead camshaft engines, in 1,124 cc and 1,360 cc forms, replacing the Simca units during 1992. The GTi 16 model, featuring the XU9J4  engine from the 405 Mi16, was also introduced at this time; however, these were only sold in mainland Europe. 

As of 2018, only 481 Peugeot 309's remained on the roads in the United Kingdom, with another 1,378 registered being kept off the road as SORN.

The vendor originally purchased this car from Charters of Aldershot brand new. At the time he was working abroad a lot, and as he had a second car, the Peugeot just didn't get used. The car just stayed in the garage for 25+ years. It is, like new. There are a few small and insignificant marks on the body, but the interior and engine bay are amazing. This must be unique, and surely a car that will be an investment for the future.

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