1976 Reliant Scimitar SE6a

Guide Price: £1,750 to £2,500

Vendor Rating: 
Manufacturer:  Reliant
First Registered:  1976
Model:  Scimitar SE6a
Registration No:  MPB 532P
Chassis No:  6C4918101152
MOT:  Not Required
Colour:  Blue

More of a luxury model than the SE5, the SE6 series was promoted to the executive market. The wheelbase was increased by 4 inches and the track by 3 inches making the cars correspondingly longer and wider than their predecessors. The extra length was used to improve rear-seat legroom and access which enhanced the car's credentials as a 'genuine' four-seater.  A Laycock overdrive on 3rd and 4th gear was optional. The SE6 was replaced by the SE6A in late 1976. 543 SE6 models were produced.

The SE6A displayed a number of changes, including Lockheed brakes and suspension revisions. 3877 SE6As were made—making it the most popular version of all the SE6 shape.

Ford had stopped making the Essex engine for the Capri by 1981, so one of the major differences with the SE6B was the engine. The German-built Cologne engine was used instead, and provided similar power but rather less torque at low revs. The final drive ratio was lowered from 3.31:1 to 3.54:1 to compensate, and although the battery was moved from the SE6/SE6A position to allow for injection equipment to be fitted, none ever left the factory with fuel injection fitted. Some late versions, around 1983 on, came with the galvanised chassis as standard but the exact numbers and chassis details are vague. Introduced at the 1980 Geneva Motor Show only 437 SE6Bs were manufactured. Production ceased by 1986.

Our vendor tells us that this car has spent 8 years off the road, and he has recently re-commissioned it at a cost of just under £1000. It is said that the engine has done less than 5,000 miles since it was completely rebuilt, and it is said that the car is a pleasure to drive.

Note: This description is provided by the vendor and unless otherwise stated is 'Not Verified' by Barons or any person employed by Barons. Prospective purchasers are advised to satisfy themselves as to the accuracy of any statements made, whether they be statements of fact or opinion.

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