1954 Triumph TR2 Original Derrington Modified

Sold: £52,800

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Manufacturer:  Triumph
First Registered:  1954
Model:  TR2 Original Derrington Modified
Registration No:  VPJ 770
Mileometer:  47,287
Chassis No:  TS4077-O
MOT:  Not Required
Colour:  Red

This well know car was race prepared by Vic Derrington for the owner Bill Parkin. John Bolster road tested it and reported in Autosport, having road tested the standard version in March 1954 on its introduction. The pictures in Autosport of 16 September 1955 show the carburettor and exhaust manifold modifications. The car was regularly raced and is shown in action at Goodwood in the hands of Peter Gammon in Autosport of August 29, 1958.

Purchased in 1993 from the estate of F Holmes, who received it as a gift from the original owner. It has been restored to road condition, involving a complete body off re-build and engine/gearbox/overdrive complete re-build in 2000. The car comes with an original workshop manual and some 1950's invoices. There are copies of Autosport magazine showing competition use at Goodwood and the road test by John Bolster. Most of the Derrington modifications described by John Bolster are still on the car.

Currently set up for road use, it has completed 5,500 miles since being put back on the road in 2001. The engine, gearbox, overdrive and rear axle are original, as are the wheels, the rears being modified as described by John Bolster in his Autosport road test. Derrington also supplied the special steering wheel and aero-screen, both of which are with the car. The front suspension is currently modified to provide handling adjustment and a rear anti roll bar is fitted. The original parts are available for easy reversion. The standard windscreen is currently fitted. The Derrington extractor exhaust is also available but not fitted to the car. There are currently no carpets fitted. Hood and side-screens are in excellent condition, the car is in healthy roadworthy condition, runs well with good oil pressure. Not concours, built to be driven, great fun on the circuits.

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