1964 Daimler V8

Sold: £12,800

Manufacturer:  Daimler
First Registered:  1964
Model:  V8
Registration No:  5257 KV
Mileometer:  95,000
Chassis No:  P1A-3294BW
MOT:  Not Required
Colour:  White

The Daimler 2.5 V8 was launched late in 1962. It was essentially a re-badged Jaguar Mark 2 fitted with Daimler's 2.5-litre V8 engine and drive-train, a Daimler fluted grille and rear number plate surround, distinctive wheel trims, badges, and interior details including a split-bench front seat from the Jaguar Mark 1 and a black enamel steering wheel. Special interior and exterior colours were specified. Most cars were fitted with power-assisted steering but it was optional. Automatic transmission was standard; manual, with or without overdrive, became an option in 1967.

The V5 for this 1964 Daimler V8 with power steering, shows 4 owners, including a Mr O'Neill of Lincolnshire who owned the car between 1998 and 2016 and undertook/commissioned the restoration. There is a large file which includes numerous invoices, old MoTs, a workshop manual, and pictures of the body stripped before and after paintwork. The car is said to run well, and is fitted with wire wheels. Recently new front discs and pads have been fitted, and new rear discs are included but not yet fitted. Please note that the handle of the Webasto sunroof is broken.

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