1968 Jaguar E-Type Series 1.5 Roadster LHD

Sold: £64,900

Manufacturer:  Jaguar
First Registered:  1968
Model:  E-Type Series 1.5 Roadster LHD
Registration No:  Not UK Registered
Chassis No:  1E17105
MOT:  Exempt
Colour:  Red

Following the E-Type Series 1 there was a series of cars built in 1967–68, unofficially called "Series 1½." Due to American pressure the new features were not just open headlights, but also different switches, black plastic rocker switches, ribbed cam covers painted black except for the top brushed aluminum ribbing, hood frames on the Roadster that have two bows, and other changes. Series 1½ cars also have twin cooling fans and adjustable seat backs. Series 2 features were gradually introduced into the Series 1, creating the unofficial Series 1½ cars, but always with the Series 1 body style. A United States federal safety law affecting 1968 model year cars sold in the US was the reason for the lack of headlight covers and change in dash switch design in the "Series 1.5" of 1968. An often overlooked change, is the wheel knock-off "nut." US safety law for 1968 models outlawed the winged-spinner knockoff, and any 1968 model year sold in the US, or earlier German delivery cars, should have a hexagonal knockoff nut, to be hammered on and off with the assistance of a special "socket" included with the car from the factory.

This Left Hand Drive Series 1.5 Jaguar E-Type Roadster is a Belgian import with nova applied for and duty paid. The car comes with the Jaguar Heritage certificate showing the car exported to New Jersey on the 18th March 1968. The car is being sold for restoration but does run well with brakes and clutch working and no engine smoke. The body is in remarkably good condition with a good bonnet. The interior is also in surprisingly good condition with very good seats, as is the hood. The floors have had a plate welded in but are also mostly good. This is a running restoration car for an able enthusiast to bring back to its former glory.

Please note that a NOVA has been completed to show that all VAT and Import duties have been paid, but a UK registration will need to be applied for.

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