1967 Jaguar 420 Race car

Sold: £11,000

Vendor Rating: 
Manufacturer:  Jaguar
First Registered:  1967
Model:  420 Race car
Registration No:  NUS 457F
Chassis No:  P1F5515DN
MOT:  Exempt
Colour:  Maroon

The 420/Sovereign traces its origins back to the Jaguar Mark 2, which was introduced in 1959 and sold through most of the 1960s. Jaguar thought that a similar sized car with high standards of technical sophistication and luxury would be successful. Demands for more luxurious features would add weight to any future models, forcing the drive towards a 4.2-litre-engined compact saloon. A combination of the 4.2-litre engine with the compact saloon body was expected to have market appeal.

Consequently, Sir William initiated development of a new saloon based on the S-Type, retaining its 54-inch independent rear suspension but adding a twin-carburettor version of the 4.2-litre powerplant and frontal styling more akin to that of the Mark X. The new car was released in August 1966 in the form of two badge-engineered models, the Jaguar 420 and the Daimler Sovereign

This 1967 Jaguar 420 Manual Overdrive was regularly raced in the 1980s and 1990s and comes with some history and time sheets from that era. The car has been laid up for some time but has recently been recommissioned and is now back on the road and is driving very well. The car was raced by Peter Cooper and benefits from many period upgrades that include Coopercraft front ventilated disc brakes and upgraded XJ rear brakes, fully poly bushed suspension, Koni shocks, XJ all synchro gearbox with uprated overdrive working on 3rd and 4th gear, rebuilt race spec engine with Burton cams, harmonic damper, lightened fly wheel, geared starter, Safety devices roll cage and seatbelts, limited slip differential, six branch exhaust manifold, 2 inch SU carbs, and a whole lot more. The car is in good solid condition but the paintwork is very poor and the car does need a repaint. The wheels have been replaced with the very rare and desirable 61/2J  JAP MAGNA period alloy wheels

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