1973 Triumph GT6 Mk 3 Manual Overdrive

Sold: £17,600

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Manufacturer:  Triumph
First Registered:  1973
Model:  GT6 Mk 3 Manual Overdrive
Registration No:  ONV 245M
Mileometer:  78,400
Chassis No:  KE235380
MOT:  Exempt
Colour:  Mimosa Yellow

The Triumph GT6 production ran from 1966 to 1973. In early 1963 Giovanni Michelotti was commissioned by Standard-Triumph to design a GT version of their recently introduced Spitfire 4, also designed by Michelotti. An unmodified Spitfire 4 was delivered to Michelotti's design studios in Italy and late in 1963 the prototype Spitfire GT4 was returned to England for evaluation. The styling of the vehicle was a success but the extra weight of the GT bodyshell resulted in extremely poor performance from the Spitfire's 1,147 cc power unit, and plans for producing the Spitfire GT4 were shelved. To overcome the lack of performance inherent in the heavier body style the Spitfire's 4-cylinder engine was replaced with the more powerful 1998 cc 6-cylinder engine from the Triumph Vitesse. The car was further developed and refined and eventually launched as the Triumph GT6. The Mark 3 Triumph GT6 was the last of the derivatives. Around 13,000 cars were produced until December 1973.

This GT6 was first registered 12th October 1973, and is one of the last made. The car had been stored for a number of years before being recommissioned as a runner in 2012. In 2014 an extensive rebuild was commenced, with professional restorers Rees Bros. of Aldershot undertaking all the bodywork repairs. The body was removed from the chassis, with both being shot blasted, all rust cut out, new panels fitted, undersealed and wax oiled, and resprayed. New headlining, a walnut dash, door cappings and a Moto Lita steering wheel were fitted. The engine, gearbox, and overdrive were rebuilt, a reconditioned rear axle fitted, and carburettors rebuilt. An electric fan was fitted. Other work includes a new wiring loom, new stainless steel exhaust, entire new braking system, reconditioned petrol tank, reconditioned radiator, and a new hi-torque starter. All the suspension bushes were replaced and steering reconditioned.

The vendor states that this car is in excellent condition and drives beautifully. It is incredibly quiet to drive as Silent Coat sound proofing was used throughout the entire car. There is a huge history file with the vehicle detailing all of the work carried out.

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