2002 Honda S2000

Sold: £7,700

Vendor Rating: 
Manufacturer:  Honda
First Registered:  2002
Model:  S2000
Registration No:  FG02 EVM
Mileometer:  103,236
Chassis No:  JHMAP11302T200436
MOT:  19 July 2023
Colour:  Silverstone Silver

This is a 2002 Honda S2000 which has had only one owner from new, is totally unmolested, and has full service history. The car is finished in Silverstone Silver, with black leather interior. it was registered 1st May 2002, and now has a mileage of 103,256 supported by the fully documented service history. 

The vendor bought this car brand new, it took 9 months from order to delivery and this meant he got the updated 2002 model year, including the glass heated rear window and less snatchy handling, but with the same proper engine i.e. before they detuned it down for later model years. The car was a “parallel” import i.e. full UK spec, built on the same production line in Japan but it got off the boat at Antwerp Auto Honda in Belgium which, back when we were part of Europe, and meant he saved quite a bit on the original purchase price. The only difference being that he had to add the locking wheel nuts and floor mats and upgraded the alarm/immobiliser - all done at Avonvale Honda in Coventry/Solihull, who looked after the car for the next 12 years. Included in the paperwork are the production stickers and the papers from Purfleet Shipping Terminal where the car was collected on 1st May 2002.

Over the 20 years the vendor has had this car, it’s had times when it’s been his only car and others periods when it’s been a second car. The car did over 17,000 miles in the first year compared to just 900 and 600 miles in recent years. In the last year he has been able to use the car most weeks and he says it runs like a dream. The vendor has always used Shell Premium Unleaded and always allowed the engine to warm up fully before any VTECing. The modest torque means that this is actually a pretty docile car for normal driving and when you VTEC it and the banshee wakes up then you’ll be in a like minded attentive mind so all should be well.   NOW WITH NEW MOT

The car was kept underground between 2002 and 2015, after which it was a combo of underground and in a garage until November 2020, and has been outside since. This is another factor for selling, as the vendor can no longer keep the car protected from the elements, and the last 18 months being outside have aged the car. Between November 2020 and March 2021 it was stored outside a family member’s house whilst the vendor was moving homes. There is a small rip in the hood, which has been patched, and it would make sense to see if a proper repair can be made, as otherwise the 20 year old roof is in very good condition.

The interior is described as being in great condition. It doesn’t look like a 20 year old car. There is some minor wear on the driver’s seat bolster, and the original 20 year old floor mats are still in place, although as expected over this time they would benefit from being replaced. The radio is the original one. The only thing that was done in the early days was add some speakers behind the seats. Via the S2K.com forum the vendor purchased speakers already fitted into OEM panels and fitted these. The original uncut OEM panels are included in the sale with the car.

The exterior is described as being commensurate with its age. Other than the rear bumper, the exterior is untouched and completely original. There is some paint peel on one of the wing mirrors and the leading edge of the (aluminum) bonnet has some corrosion/bubbling and there are some minor chip/scrapes/dinks in places. The rear bumper was replaced in Summer 2004 after the vendor reversed into a post in a car park. This was done via Avonvale Honda in Coventry. .

The wheels were replaced under warranty in August 2004. That was because the originals were corroding. These are diamond cut wheels and prone to corrosion, and at c.18 years old the replacements are corroding and could do with refurbishing. The tyres are Bridgestone Potenza RE050As, the nearest replacement for the bespoke OEM Bridgstones. These still have decent tread but they have done 30k miles. The windscreen has been replaced twice. The windscreen has a couple of chips in it. 

Mechanically, the car is described as driving as it did on day one. The engine, the steering, the handling, the gears are all fine, in the engine bay the red ‘crackling’ on the engine cover is flaking off - other than that all is in good shape. Work has been done over the years in addition to servicing, namely, most recent documented items first.:

Timing belt and tensioner replaced - Wimbledon Park Honda - July 2018 - 99k miles.
Rear shock absorbers replaced - Judds Garage - May 2018 - 99k miles.
OSR and NSF brake caliper/pads replaced - Crossroads Service Station - March 2014 - 89k miles.
OSF brake caliper/pads and both front disks, plus all 4 anti roll bar linkages - Listers Honda - Feb 2014 - 88k miles.
Rear brake discs and pads replaced - Crossroads Service Station - June 2013 - 79k miles.
Rear brake discs and pads replaced, and OSF headlight replaced under warranty - Avonvale Honda - Oct 2006 - 46k miles.

The vendor also had the NSF brake caliper replaced in 2021 by Balmer Lawn Honda (in Dibden Purlieu), but can’t locate the receipt. It will be on their system. In 2018 Judds Garage also replaced the bonnet catch. This had got gummed up and was sticking.

Service History (all documented - receipts and service books) - Oldest first:

July 2002 - Intermediate oil service - Avonvale Honda - 5,690 miles.
Sept 2002 - 9k mile service - Avonvale Honda - 9,652 miles.
May 2003 - 18k mile service - Avonvale Honda - 17,810 miles.
Feb 2004 - 27k mile service - Avonvale Honda - 27,059 miles.
June 2004 - Oil and filter change - Avonvale Honda - 31,506 miles.
Oct 2004 - 36k mile service - Avonvale Honda - 36,861 miles.
Oct 2005 - 45k mile service - Avonvale Honda - 41,726 miles.
Oct 2006 - 54k mile service - Avonvale Honda - 46,590 miles.
Dec 2007 - 63k mile service - Avonvale Honda - 49,493 miles.
May 2009 - 74k mile service - Avonvale Honda - 54,613 miles.
June 2010 - 81k miles service - Avonvale Honda - 64,291 miles.
Sept 2012 - Low mileage Honda service - Avonvale Honda - 72,783 miles.
July 2013 - Oil and filter change and health check - Avonvale Honda - 80,590 miles.
Sept 2013 - Honda 12 service inc. air, pollen and brake fluid - Avonvale Honda - 83,899 miles.
Feb 2014 - Oil and filter change and health check - Listers (ex-Avonvale) Honda - 88,543 miles.
June 2014 - Level 1 service - Wimbledon Park Honda - 91,649 miles.
June 2015 - Honda 12 service - Wimbledon Park Honda - 94,659 miles.
July 2018 - Honda 12 service - Wimbledon Park Honda - 99,686 miles.
July 2021 - Honda 12 service - Balmer Lawn Honda - 101,680 miles.

The following MOT documents are included (Oldest first):

April 2005 - 40,065 miles.
April 2006 - 43,668 miles.
May 2007 - 47,703 miles.
April 2008 - 50,164 miles.
May 2009 - 54,613 miles.
May 2010 - 62,274 miles.
June 2011 - 66,785 miles (this was late as I was living abroad).
June 2012 - 71,126 miles.
June 2013 - 79,280 miles (it failed first time but I can’t find that document).
Document missing for June 2014 - 91,649 miles.
Document missing for June 2015 - 94,659 miles.
No MOT for 2016 or 2017 as the car was SORNed and stored.
May 2018 - 99,429 miles FAILED (due to shock absorber leak - both rear shocks replaced)
May 2018 retest - 99,430 miles.
May 2019 - 100,533 miles.
Document missing for May 2020 - 101,133 miles.
May 2021 - 101,680 miles.

The sale includes, three keys (2 normal and one service) of which only one has ever been used. The others are pristine, pristine Owners Manual, the spare cabin panels, where adapted OEM ones including speakers were installed, service documentation, MoT documentation, the original sales brochure, as well as the one for the next updated model, a 5 inch high pile of car reviews/articles of the S2000 including those proclaiming its accolades and awards. These include the Auto Express Driver Power 2005 overall winner across all categories, as well as the Braking & Reliability category winner. The S2000 also won the International Engine of the Year Awards 2003 as well as the Auto Express Driver power Best Performance Car 2003, Best Gearbox 2003 and Used Car Honours 2003 for Best Roadster.

Note: This description is provided by the vendor and unless otherwise stated is 'Not Verified' by Barons or any person employed by Barons. Prospective purchasers are advised to satisfy themselves as to the accuracy of any statements made, whether they be statements of fact or opinion.

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