1976 MG B GT V8

Guide Price: £13,000 to £16,000

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Manufacturer:  MG
First Registered:  1976
Model:  B GT V8
Registration No:  ORB 839P
Mileometer:  45,479
Chassis No:  GD2D1/2753-G
MOT:  8 November 2023
Colour:  Flamenco Red

This is a 1976 MG B GT V8 in Flamenco Red, which is in very good order throughout. The car was completely re-built in 2012/2013, this was an engine out, all glass out re-build, and there are pictures to substantiate this. Any rust was removed at this time, and the car remains free of any apparent rust. The car was also fully re-painted and is still good. The interior is very good, with recent carpets, and there are new rear quarter trim panels supplied with the car. The Weathershields Sunroof was re-built, and there are invoices for thousands of pounds for such things as a new clutch with new master cylinder and slave, new heater matrix, water pump, fuel pump, new alternator, sound damping, electronic ignition, and engine seals. A new indicator switch has just been fitted.

The car has been fitted with a Moss Motors GAZ coil over front suspension system, and converted to telescopic rear suspension dampers. The car has been completely re-wired with a custom-built wiring loom which benefits from having all the major electrical systems both separately fused and going through individual relays. The fuses and relays now reside on a custom electrical board which is fitted out of the heat and dirt, underneath the glove box. There is also full wiring and relay diagrams which come with the car. There is an isolation switch fitted, with a removable key. The original Dunlop wheels are in very good condition, and fitted with barely worn Goodyear tyres. The exhaust system is stainless steel, and is a copy of an MGR V8 system, including manifolds. The car has also been fitted with front wheel arch liners, to help keep the rust at bay.  

There is a very substantial history with the car from about 2010, and nothing from before, though this is fairly irrelevant as the car has been completely re-built. There is however, a list of the name of every owner of the car, supplied by the DVLA. There is also a British Motor History Heritage Trust Certificate, a V5c registration document, two MG parts manuals, one specifically for the V8, and some workshop manuals. If you don't like the "Deck chair" seats, there is a complete NOS front and back set in very Dark Grey available. 

This is a particularly nice example of a genuine factory MG B GT V8, which has only covered about 6,000 miles since being re-built. The car was given a rolling road tune on 2 November 2022, so it is ready to go, and be enjoyed by a new owner. Although it doesn't need it, the car now has a new MoT for peace of mind. 

There is a video of the underside of the car: Video

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