1960 Austin Seven Mini

Sold: £15,000

Vendor Rating: 
Manufacturer:  Austin
First Registered:  1960
Model:  Seven Mini
Registration No:  3214 UG
Mileometer:  65,650
Chassis No:  A-A2S7/41446
MOT:  September 2019
Colour:  Farina Grey

The vendor tells us that this very early Mini is fitted with an original Cooper Silver Seal 998cc engine, which has done only 300 miles since a full rebuild. It has D shaped pistons, bores are plus .020, crank journals minus .010. The head is skimmed by .020. There is a period Shorrock supercharger fitted, same miles as the engine after a full rebuild by Keith Luck. Maniflow exhaust manifold, single box RC40 exhaust system. New starter ring gear and starter motor. New heavy duty battery.

It has a Baulk ring B type gearbox, same miles as above after an overhaul by John Guess. Magic wand gearstick. Cooper 3.44 diff. Drive shafts fitted with QH 5000 needle roller cross joints.
New clutch, idler and primary gear shimmed correctly, no chatter! Oil filter housing converted to spin on type. Speedo overhauled and recalibrated by Speedograph Richfield to suit the diff.
Cooper S front discs and rear drums, LP 883 Cooper S wheels. New CV joints. New Falken tyres. New steering rack and column bushes , pedal rubbers, track rod ends and ball joints. Recent rubber suspension, ride height correct. New rebound rubbers, stiffer tie rod rubbers fitted.

The body was fully restored some years ago, and remains in excellent condition, Farina Grey paint , still in excellent condition. New sub frames, wiring loom, brake pipes. Waxoyled inside and out. The car still has the original seats with new Pirelli webbing, Newton Commercial door cards and headlining. New Phoenix Trim door seals. New correct mechanical door stays and door check alloy trims. Wood rim steering wheel, period Smiths tachometer overhauled and calibrated by Speedograph Richfield. Boost gauge, dual water temp/oil pressure gauge. Original recirculating heater fitted, but disconnected.

Oil pressure 75psi cold, 60 hot. Runs at correct temperature with standard radiator which although not new is in excellent condition.This is a very fast car, which runs and drives perfectly. There is a Heritage certificate supplied with the car. 

There is a package of spares for the car which is for sale by negotiation with the vendor. They include a rebuilt (rebored, crank reground) 1960 848cc engine in bits but complete, this engine which has the original small diameter crank nose with oil fed primary gear bush, has been fitted with a rare Deva (dry) conversion bush primary gear. There is also another , later 848cc engine,  (which appears in good condition and has all standard sizes ) with pot joint gearbox. There is also a spare 12G295 head, new starter motor, and various other parts including original carburettor , spare Shorrock metering pins etc. Original SPQR accessory engine steady also supplied, not fitted to the car, as it so far has not seemed necessary. The car has an adjustable top engine steady which is fitted with new bushes. The engine mountings are new. Various manuals to go with the car, including BMC types.

Note: This description is provided by the vendor and unless otherwise stated is 'Not Verified' by Barons or any person employed by Barons. Prospective purchasers are advised to satisfy themselves as to the accuracy of any statements made, whether they be statements of fact or opinion.

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