1966 Triumph Herald 12/50

Sold: £1,705

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Manufacturer:  Triumph
First Registered:  1966
Model:  Herald 12/50
Registration No:  FRK 41D
Mileometer:  58,000
Chassis No:  GD48907RS
MOT:  16 October 2019
Colour:  Wedgewood Blue

The Triumph Herald was introduced in 1959 and instantly became a family favourite. Although the company took what an old-fashioned approach to construction, basing this new saloon on a separate chassis, it quickly became popular choice, offering a cheap and stylish form of transportation. Styling by Giovanni Michelotti was very modern and forward thinking at the time, and it still looks good today. Although based on a separate chassis, the Herald was advanced in other areas such as the independent coil spring front suspension, rack and pinion steering as well as independent rear suspension by transverse leaf spring.

There was a choice of two-door Saloon, Coupé, Convertible and Estate body styles, so something for everyone. Performance was modest thanks to the 948cc engine, this was uprated in 1961 to 1147cc, and to 1296cc in 1967.  With independent suspension all round, a turning circle tighter than a London taxi’s plus disc brakes on most models, the Herald is a very capable classic car.

This 1966 Triumph Herald 12/50 is said to be in good/very good, original condition. The mileometer shows 58,000 miles, which is believed to be correct. The engine was replaced March 2019, and the replacement engine is believed to have done around 30,000 miles, a new clutch was fitted at this time. The vendor has owned the car for nearly 4 years, and has only done about 2,000 miles. Maintained and improved by the vendor in the last 4 years. There was little rust when on purchase, and what was there has been attended to. The underbody has been wire-brushed and painted, the body rubbed down and re-sprayed in original colour. Some repairs have been made to the front wheel arches and front and rear panels (behind rubber bumpers). Both rear quarter valances have been repaired. The rubber bumpers, and  all the rubber seals were replaced togeather with new carpets at 56,000 miles. The headlining, seats, sun roof and vinyl boot liner have been refurbished by the owner. New battery, solenoid, clutch master cylinder, fuel pump diaphragm, all fitted Nov.-Dec 2018. New ignition coil, points and condensor fitted at 56,500miles. The car passed an MoT in October 2018  with no advisories, and has 5 good tyres. The original booklets, and Triumph Herald Workshop manual are all included.

This car is a real headturner, is reliable and a pleasure to drive

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