1936 Ford Model 68

Sold: £25,850

Vendor Rating: 
Manufacturer:  Ford
First Registered:  1936
Model:  Model 68
Registration No:  HSJ 954
Chassis No:  183200511
MOT:  Not Required
Colour:  Cream

This Ford Model 68 is thought to have been exported new, from Canada to South Africa. At this point it was fitted with a "safari roof", which can be seen in the pictures. The object of this is to prevent the sun from beating directly onto the cab roof, and thus keep the interior cool(er). The car was registered in the UK in 1997 when it was owned by Ms Linda Coggin, who had a considerable amount of restoration work carried out by marque specialists Nordian. It was purchased by Mr Cazalet in 2002, and was then prepared in 2003 for The Safari Challenge, a 4,000 mile endurance rally between Cape Town and Mombassa, where it won "Spirit of the Rally Trophy",  by Leiter Motor Company in Shaftsbury Dorset. In 2004 the car competed in the Circuit of Ireland Rally, and It was then competed in the Chipembele Rally in Africa in 2006. After the rally the car was sent to XK Engineering in Coventry, where it was prepared for the Peking to Paris Rally in 2007. (https://www.endurorally.com/events/the-peking-to-paris-motor-challenge-2007/). The car successfully completed the rally, and on its return was sent back to XK Engineering for £24,900 worth of restoration work to bring it up to the condition it is in today. The car has been kept in a heated garage since then and occasionally run.

There is a rough history of the car since about 2000, including all the invoices from XK Engineering. The car is fully drivable, is currently being used and will be driven to the auction. It comes with a selection of spare parts, which are not catalogued.

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