1973 Triumph TR6

Sold: £19,140

Vendor Rating: 
Manufacturer:  Triumph
First Registered:  1973
Model:  TR6
Registration No:  NRW 344M
Mileometer:  79,500
Chassis No:  CR25430
MOT:  8 August 2020
Colour:  Yellow

The TR6 was introduced in 1968, and was the best-seller of all the TR range. TR6s featured in-line six-cylinder engines, and like the TR5, it was fuel-injected for all markets except the US. The Lucas mechanical fuel injection system helped produce 150 bhp at model introduction, but it was detuned to 125 bhp. The TR6 had a four-speed manual transmission with overdrive, semi-trailing arm independent rear suspension, rack and pinion steering, pile carpet, bucket seats, and full instrumentation. Braking was by front disc brakes, and drum brakes at the rear. A factory steel hardtop was optional. The TR6 dashboard was wooden, and factory options included, a rear anti-roll bar and a limited-slip differential.

This Triumph TR6 was purchased new in 1973 and delivered to an Army Officer in Germany. It returned to the UK in 1976 and changed hands several times. The vendor purchased it in May 2009, and it was restored in Newcastle in 2007/2008. In 2016 a complete new clutch and realise bearing etc. was fitted while the gearbox was removed, for all new seals and gaskets to be fitted. This work was carried out by a Triumph specialist. Earlier this year, a new hood (Don Hoods) and new seats covers, including supports and padding etc. was fitted. This work was carried out by a specialist upholstery company (D Class).

The vendor is only selling the car because he now finds it difficult to get in and out of. He has used it each summer, and it has then been put in the garage each winter during the vendor's ownership. The car is said to drive very well and has always been reliable. This car has only done 7,500 in 13 years and has been MoT'd 13 times, its current MoT runs until July 2020.

Note: This description is provided by the vendor and unless otherwise stated is 'Not Verified' by Barons or any person employed by Barons. Prospective purchasers are advised to satisfy themselves as to the accuracy of any statements made, whether they be statements of fact or opinion.

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