1989 Citroen 2CV

Sold: £3,000

Vendor Rating: 
Manufacturer:  Citroen
First Registered:  1989
Model:  2CV
Registration No:  G73 MLG
Chassis No:  VF7AZKA00KA341897
MOT:  None
Colour:  Red

The Citroën 2CV, "deux chevaux", or "two steam horses", is an air-cooled front-engine, front-wheel-drive economy car introduced at the 1948 Paris Motor Show and built between 1948 and 1990.

Conceived by Citroën Vice-President Pierre Boulanger to help motorise the large number of farmers still using horses and carts in 1930s France, the 2CV has a combination of innovative engineering and utilitarian, straightforward metal bodywork, initially corrugated for added strength without added weight. The 2CV featured low cost, simplicity of overall maintenance, an easily serviced air-cooled engine, low fuel consumption, and an extremely long-travel suspension offering a soft ride and light off-road capability. The fixed-profile convertible bodywork featured a full-width, canvas, roll-back sunroof, which until 1955 reached almost to the car's rear bumper. Michelin introduced and first commercialised the radial tyre with the introduction of the 2CV. More than 3.8 million 2CVs were produced, along with over 1.2 million small 2CV-based delivery vans known as fourgonnettes. 

1989 Citroen 2 CV described by the vendor as a very good original car with the paint and body believed to be original. Almost no apparent rust. There are a number of bills and old MoTs with the car. This is a very good well looked after original example of this quirky French car.

Note: This description is provided by the vendor and unless otherwise stated is 'Not Verified' by Barons or any person employed by Barons. Prospective purchasers are advised to satisfy themselves as to the accuracy of any statements made, whether they be statements of fact or opinion.

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